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Living in a place that is comfortable and secure can be the difference between loving your home and just getting by. Everything from their well-maintained properties to their modern amenities makes living here a breeze.

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Establish Since One Decade in our Home Land Pakistan and Employing Dedicated Personal in our Comapny. LandView Property Management Comapny Presence in Bahria Town Lahore, Pakistan.LandView Property is Renowned Name in Pakistan Real Estate Developments and Property Investments.

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Landview also provides detailed information about their clients’ goals, transparent reporting systems, and a team ready to provide problem-solving solutions when it comes to any area of their development needs. Their leadership style is centered on trustworthiness, communication, and collaboration.

What We Have Here for You

Landview only provides the best in quiet residential areas. Living here will truly be an enjoyable experience, giving you peace of mind that you made the right decision when picking your home base.

Studio Apartment

The search for a perfect apartment can be a daunting task. Prospective renters are often overwhelmed by options, making it a challenge to make the best decision.

Modern Architecture Design

We understand the importance of high quality, innovative architecture; that's why we offer customers modern architectural designs.

Cargo & Passenger lifts

We are one of the leading property management companies in the industry today and we have a range of services designed to make life easier for building owners.

Emergency Stairs

We provide emergency stairs to ensure residents' safety in the event of a fire or an emergency. Our stylized and customized design features a wide range of colors, materials.

Ample Parking Space Residence & Visitor

With a variety of parking options, we have something to suit all needs. Our visitor spots are clearly labelled, with plenty of room for vehicles to enter and exit safely.

24/7Concierge service

Investing in the services of a property management company can save a lot of headaches and time for busy homeowners. We understand this need, why we offer our 24/7 Concierge Service.

Security System

The safety and security of your home is top priority, especially for busy homeowners who may not be present all the time.

24/7 Water/ Electricity/Gas

We provide comprehensive maintenance solutions and unmatched customer service. With one call, we can provide repair services or emergency support 24/7 for water, electricity, and gas.

Highly Professional Development Team

Our skilled team of professionals is available to answer any questions quickly. Our goal is to provide an unmatched level of convenience to our clients,.


Pakistan’s First ever Luxury Studio Apartment with International Standards. The Perfect Lifestyle of LandView Residencia is surrounded by everything that facilitates you.

Flexible Private Office
Fully Custom Space
Anything You Need

Many of the apartments come with stunning views of nearby landmarks or green spaces, giving renters the opportunity to enjoy .

Friendly Price Package

With the cost of renting an apartment rising every year, finding affordable housing can be a challenge.


Grab the Golden chance of 2 Bed Room Luxury Apartment with International Standards. The State Of The Art Lifestyle of LandView Residencia is surrounded by everything that facilitates you.The Most Luxurious Apartments with amazing Amenities.

Membership Package
Dedicated Office Package

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